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Whose The Real Criminal Episode: RIVERDALE pt1

This week we tackle the very special show of Riverdale. A show that is criminal in that it boggles the mind with it's non-sensory. It's a straight up nutso show that started off as a dark teen drama and spiraled into a wack-a-doodle mirage of magic and mayham. I don't know if anyone can explain what this show is, but we try to. This is part one in what will be at least 2 parts, with a third maybe further down the road. Hope you like it.


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Sex everywhere you look w/Tetris

We're back with a new episode where we talk to Kate Wallinga from the Ignorance Was Bliss podcast. As a forensic psychologist Kate has learned how not to get busted in the crimes she commits. She's also a member of the mile-high-club. Listen for all the glorious fun as we break it all down. It's fun, it's criminal, check it out.


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The Pancakes and Booze Live Show!

Sorry for the delay. We recorded LIVE from Deep Ellum in Dallas at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show. It was a fun time where I spent too much money but learned some lessons on how to record in the field. We talk to 5 different guests and learn a little bit about life along the way. Come and join us as we spiral out of control in our first ever LIVE event. Thanks for listening.


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The Hash Parties w/ Omnipotus from WCW vs NWO: Revenge

I hope you like hash or Tiffany Haddish. If you like either one you'll love this episode. It's chock full of crime from a regular person like you. Director and Producer Jeremy Norrie was like any of us. Earlier in life he was just trying to make an honest living and traveling the country, and sometimes the globe, judging and participating in Hash competitions. Then Shenanigans. He's climbed a school, he's shoplifted, and a whole host of other crimes, and he told us a lot of them. If any of that interests you, tell a friend to check this episode out and then check it out yourself. We had a blast and I hope you do to. 


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The Great Kohl’s Robbery w/Lara Croft

The title says it all. Guest Lara croft, Kayla from the True Crime Exposed podcast, comes on to tell us about her and what sounded like a gang once robbed a Kohl's. There's pipe bombs, the more meddling atop of schools and all the regular shenanigans. She was real fun to talk to and every topic we brought up it seemed it reminded her of a ticket she got at some point. Check it out.


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Master Debaters w/ Toejam and Earl

We find ourselves on a windy road filled with tangents and crime in our new episode with guests Ryan and Jacob from the Git Gud! Podcast. Scotty is confused about The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window. Therer's masterbation, street races, and wildlife talk. How we get from point A to whatever point we ended on, can't say. It was fun talking though, and isn't that what it's all about? Come with me, and you'll be in a criminal world field with imagination. Thanks for coming along.

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Best Of Episode

We're wrapping up our first year of this thing. I've compiled a few clips from the first ten eps or so. If you haven't listened to the show before this might be a good example of what the show really is. We talk to regular people about the crimes THEY have committed. These aren't necessarily criminals or people you think of when you think of crime. It's your friends and neighbors. Some stories are jacked up, some are just funny, they're all true... we believe. It's been a fun time making this show-like-no-other-show and we look forward to the next year of it. Thanks for listening.


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Whose The Real Criminal: LOST Review

We're back for another breakdown of something that should be criminal. The TV Series LOST. Scotty recently watched it from start to finish and he hated it. Find out why. We also discuss some criminal adjacent stuff. Follow me down this road for some laughs, some tears, and some fond memories as we explore this criminal world.


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Murder? w/Knuckles

This is a big one. So, we're about a year in. Hard to tell since we don't number shit here. That's for squares. What we do, is talk to mofo's who may or may not have been involved in homicide... in a funny way. Listen to this one and tell friends. We are not trying to bring people down with our show but really show how people come up despite situations that could or should have brought them down. It's uplifting, it's tear jerking, it's everything you want in a partner. Check it out!


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The Many Crimes of Yoshi w/Blinky and Piston Honda

Follow us down the rabbit hole as we are back with guest Brent Hibbard from Let's Talk About Stuff and NuDis Colony in an intervention style attack on his moral character. Stick around after for a Whose the Real Criminal review of the shitty movie Cerebus.


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